Friday, November 04, 2005


“It Takes The Hottest Fires
To Forge The Purest Blade”

This was a quote I once stumbled across that I had trouble with. We never want to think that fires are necessary to forge ourselves. Couldn’t a nice lukewarm heat be enough? Why go to all the length that a blistering inferno would demand upon us?

Every time I look at a campfire, I am reminded of that most basic element of our lives. Fire has the power to warm us and cook our food... yet it can also go out of control and threaten our very existence. Anyone who has ever fled their home to escape a forest fire can attest to what happens when a basic element like fire gets out of control.

We need to learn not to fear the times of fire in our lives. A fine weapon is forged in the hottest of flames. We too can be tested without being consumed.

Fire can be a light which helps keep the wild animals at bay,,, which helps us have a warm meal and light until dawn. A new fire can be started from the smallest of embers....

May the fires of hope be rekindled in our lives!


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