Thursday, November 17, 2005


I love walking around the ponds near our house. The light on the water is never the same two days in a row. It also makes me think about how our actions, our lives, our words reflect to the outside world. Sometimes it feels as if the world only looks at surfaces instead of what may lie beneath. Sometimes we meet people who seem to be one thing, but their reflection is another. Their actions and the way they respond to the world do not match what we see.

I stumbled across this quote and it seemed perfect for my musings. I hope that my surface and its reflection are always true to who I am. That is probably the best way to tell the difference between character and reputation.

“Reputation is what men & women think of us;
Character is what God and angels know of us.’



Blogger Karen said...

This is a very cool blog! I've enjoyed reading your Dragon Musings I think since you started it, but I think is now my favorite! The pictures are a great addition - I need to learn how to do that myself for mine, some night when I have a few minutes to make sense of what I'm reading :) This is now bookmarked! Take care, Dragon!

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