Thursday, January 12, 2006


To everything - turn, turn, turn There is a season - turn, turn, turn And a time
for every purpose under heaven.

The Birds sung about this Biblical passage in their song Turn!Turn!Turn! and it seamed the most fitting for this entry.

Sometimes change can be invigorating... such as when you face new challenges, new job opportunities or learn new skills.

Sometimes change can be scary... when things are thrust upon you suddenly and you have no choice but to cope. Bethany is learning that now as she faces the next 3 weeks with her “drawing hand” in a cast.

Sometimes change can be sad yet accepting. After only a month with us, we have discovered that our new dwarf hamster, Jellybean, who is finally taming into a lovely second pet, is diabetic. Like our first hamster Nipper, who passed away a year ago this month, she may not live long. We know for sure now that we will not breed her with our 10 month old male hamster, Wuffles. There is no way of controlling this disease in hamsters except to give them the mix of food we have already been feeding her and cut out the few pellets of commercial food she enjoyed completely. Not knowing how long she will be with us adds that bittersweet element to playing with her.

If there is a season for everything and a time for everything, then there is always time to look for the brightest spots in each time, always time to hope for what may yet be and time to savour the moment that is.


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